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Todd is extremely knowledgeable about the US university application process. He personally helped me polish my application, highlight my strengths, and convey in a convincing way that I am a top candidate. His contributions to the personal statement as well as the personal history statement were invaluable. No wonder I was able to get into Carnegie-Mellon, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Harvard, Columbia, UC San Diego, and MIT.

– Dimitris K., Greece

Meeting Todd Pierce during the time when I decided to pursue my second Master's degree in the United States was one of the best things that happened to me in my twenties. The vast knowledge and constant support that he generously provided about both the specific academic programs in the United States and the Visa applications smoothened my transition period and led me to the choice that was the most suitable for me.

– Refik A., Türkiye

Todd was an invaluable resource for navigating my academic and professional goals and was incredible in showing me how I could turn my international background into a strength. He seamlessly combined insight into higher education with career guidance, helping shape my university experience around my interests while always stressing the importance of academic curiosity. Through his incredible experience in international relations, language studies, and global politics, Todd's advice acted as a foundation for understanding my future goals in college and outside of it. I am beyond thankful for his help and advice.

– Daniel S., Austria

As a third culture kid who lived in three continents, I wasn’t quite sure how to sell myself best for the college admissions process. I knew I wasn’t a true international student and yet I didn’t have traditional American experiences. Todd helped me market my experiences in not only a way that made sense, but also showed the college admissions officers who I truly was by helping me find my voice to articulate my passions and drive. With Todd’s help, I was able to make it into over 10 colleges, most of them in the top ten of my major, engineering. Without Todd’s help, I don’t know where I would be now, but one thing’s for certain, with his help I am one step closer to changing the world.

– Brandon A., Jordan and Virginia

I reached out to Todd about applying for law schools in America and he was a fantastic help. Not only does he have a great insight into how the different processes and schools work, he has a fantastic insight into the school-specific information to really improve your application. He has a great understanding of the admissions process and was a constant help and support throughout the process. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to apply to the US.

– Bailey L., Ireland

If it weren’t for Todd, my professional development would not have been the same! As a manager he gave me many opportunities to lead projects while guiding me in the background in an empowering way. As a mentor, he offered advice and some “tough love” when I most needed it. Not only did he accelerate my personal development when we were working together, but in the years that followed, he helped me in important turning points of my career by connecting me with people that he believed would help me grow in the direction I wanted. Todd is one of the most well-connected, insightful, and generous professionals I’ve worked with who knows exactly how and in what direction to help me grow when I reach out to him for guidance.

– Lida D., Greece and The Netherlands

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